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Sunset Silhouette

October 15. 2014

The sunset in Crete...

The Kiss!

October 2. 2014

Always time for a quick kiss :)

The Bride and Wedding car!

September 30. 2014



September 22. 2014

Has a wedding photographer it is important to capture images of the rings....


June 25. 2014

People on the street are forever on a mobile device. The way of the modern world I guess. This shot was taken in Leeds UK late last year....

Product Photography – A Splash Of Lemon

February 20. 2014

The ability of studio flash to freeze motion...

Product Photography – Beer Bottle

February 10. 2014

Two studio table top still-life images of a bottle of San Miguel lager..

Product Photography – Tag Heuer Watch

February 10. 2014

Studio tabletop image of a Tag Heuer watch...

Image Of The Week #5: Wedding Photography – Why I Love This Image.

January 28. 2014

Some images always stand out from others. This one does for me everytime...